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The first thing Ramiz Raja said after being fired was, “I wasn’t even allowed to collect my possessions; it felt like an F.I.A. raid.”

“They came to the cricket board and attacked me; they wouldn’t even let me get my things. These 17 individuals were skulking around the cricket board in the morning, acting as though there had been an FIA raid.

For the first time after being fired, former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja has discussed this in public through his YouTube channel.

Ramiz Raja claims he is upset by the abrupt termination of his employment and that it caused him “sting and agony.” ‘

Raja was fired by the prime minister last week through a notification, and a management committee made up of 15 people under the leadership of Najam Sethi took his position.

Ramiz Raja also discussed his desire to return to cricket commentary and said that the PCB would prevent him from doing so.

However, Ramiz is a free man, and if he is chosen for commentary at any moment, we would not object at all, Najam Sethi said during a press conference yesterday.

Furthermore, Ramiz Raja Sahib will not be stopped, according to Najam Sethi, whom I really admire.

“I realise how much pressure they had on me, therefore it’s not their fault,” the speaker said. 


They arrived on a trip.

Ramiz Raja has spoken exhaustively interestingly since his excusal on his YouTube channel ‘Rameez Talks’.

Answering individuals’ inquiries during this live stream, he said, “This game has a place with cricketers, it is the battleground of cricketers. At the point when individuals come from outside here and assault and afterward imagine that the work you are doing isn’t correct. ‘

“To bring one worker, Najam Sethi, you changed the whole constitution. To oblige them, I haven’t witnessed it anyplace on the planet. ‘

“There is a way and that excessively in the center of the time, you changed the central selector, he has played Test cricket, you send individuals with deference. ‘

“I have played Test cricket, this is my battleground. You would have been stinging and torment, since it appears to be that a savior has come who doesn’t have any idea where to take cricket. ‘

It is to be noticed that when Najam Sethi came, the clarification of this ‘shift in power’ introduced that the fundamental reason for his appearance and reclamation of the constitution of 2014 is the rebuilding of division cricket in Pakistan and offering position and sports chances to the players.

In any case, Ramiz Raja said, “When it came, they said that we need to bring the division cricket back however at that point said in the following question and answer session that no it will be hard to make it happen … It will be a marvel that in the event that this division brings cricket back, particularly in the ongoing circumstance, nobody will uphold an organization that doesn’t have the foggiest idea how long it will remain.” ‘

Ramiz Raja gave off an impression of being exceptionally close to home during this series of inquiries and replies. “There is no doubt that he has come for the advancement and improvement of cricket, he has come for the chudra and he is anxious to get the spotlight here and there. It doesn’t have anything to do with cricket, never got a bat. ‘

“We’re both jobless at this point.”

In such manner, fans and pundits of Ramiz Raja are likewise responding to his assertions via virtual entertainment.

A few clients and columnists are supporting Ramiz Raja, yet some likewise figure how Ramiz Raja can censure Najam Sethi along these lines.

One client scrutinized Ramiz Raja and said, “The work, a central selector who has been a cricketer, ought to have been finished, is being finished by Najam Sethi, who isn’t so much as a cricketer. ‘

“In other words, Raja Sahib, you didn’t measure up to the assumptions from you with expressions of remorse, to that end it was great that you were taken out. ‘

Notwithstanding, one client additionally said, “Ramiz Raja’s annoyance is impeccably legitimate. The term of office exists legitimately. ‘

“Indeed, even today, on the off chance that they go to court, there will be an issue. Changing the Constitution, involving the central command for the time being? Everything has an alternate way. It is the public authority’s on the right track to name somebody after the expiry of the term however it happened wrongly.

“Prior just I was jobless, presently we are both jobless. ‘

A client named Ali composed that heading large organizations isn’t a joke. Individuals feel that anybody can make it happen. It is obvious from Ramiz’s most recent round that this isn’t his business.

Columnist Yahya Hussaini tweeted, “Ramiz Raja is correct that legislative issues ought not to be associated with the cricket board, however for what reason did the previous commander censure Najam Sethi’s arrangement and fail to remember that he additionally became an administrator on the proposal of the previous top state leader.” So why so irate with Shahbaz Sharif’s choice at this point?”


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